Big Sur California Coastline

California’s jade country has many wonders.  Here are some of my adventures with the stone.

Verdant Valley Mining, Jade Mining, California, Stone Cutting, 36 Inch Saw

Jade Mining

Jade Mining Exploring a new acquisition in the hot dry foot hills of California’s western Sierras. Allowing me to offer bulk stone for carving and

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Justin Barrett Jade Diver, Jade Diving, Big Sur

Jade Diving

Jade Diving Diving in Big Sur today was about as calm as it gets. Rough by most diving standards, the ocean off of the Big

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Justin Barrett, Jade Carver, Jade Face Carving

Jade Carving

Jade Carving Jade carving is a practice in patience.  To hone this craft is a lifetime endeavor.  I often find myself having to think outside

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Justin Barrett, Big Sur Jade Diving, Diver

Big Sur Jade

Big Sur Jade Big Sur is home to the only known under sea concentration of jade in the world.  These stones come in an array

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Justin Barrett, Jade Hunting, Large Jade

Jade Hunting

Jade Hunting Walking the beach for hours provides a place where thoughts escape me.  The hustle of the world just seems to  stop.  Where the

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